The Move

The Move

After a whirlwind romantic Vegas vacation, the following Monday Zack had scheduled an interview with a company in Fort Worth, Texas. In less than a week, Friday April 1, 2016 he was offered a position as Marketing Director and agreed on April 18, 2016 as his first day.


We only had two weeks to look for a place for him to move into. We didn’t have the time to look at different places in person to shop around. I was grateful that we had been discussing moving out earlier this year, but we couldn’t agree on any of the places we saw in the greater Milwaukee area.

Our main criteria while Milwaukee apartment shopping:

  • 1 Bedroom
  • $800 or less
  • Washer/Dryer in unit or within building
  • 2 Parking Spaces

It’s a short list, right? Any places around Milwaukee rarely have one parking space, let alone two. Our budget was really low because we want to be able to save a lot every month. That short list either kept our commutes just as long as they currently are OR really, really dumpy places. We never jumped at anything.

And good thing we didn’t move. We didn’t find our $800 or less in Texas, but we had found an apartment that had newly updated interiors that was less than $1,000 (about ~$1200 with utilities). It was a one bedroom on the first floor with a patio. There were full size laundry hook-ups in the unit as well as a community gym, outdoor grills, laundry room and three pools (one indoors). I doubt I’d ever find anything with amenities like that in Milwaukee for under $2,000.

Below are some of the photos I took when we moved in. Also, we owned almost zero furniture right now. My desk became our dining table so we did need a second chair. Zack bought a desk on Craigslist for me before I moved (I drove down Memorial weekend). We wanted to buy a couch and a media center, bed frame with headboard, end tables and a chair for the new desk. We did end up buying a washer and dryer from an outlet store, but our unit came with full-size hookups.

Though this place looks cute, please beware. There were many bad experiences that we had during the past nine months. Looks are always what they seem and, sometimes, online reviews really need to be taken into the decision making process.





Have you ever dealt with a cross-country move?