Sea Life Aquarium

Sea Life Aquarium

The first tourist-y thing we did in Texas was visit the Sea Life Aquarium in Grapevine. I am nine, er, twenty-nine now. I was searching for things to do over the weekend and this is was one of the top local attractions on TripAdvisor.

The start of this day was pretty bad for me. The first weekend in my new home and I wanted to do a little exploring in either downtown Fort Worth or Dallas, but the weather took control of our activities. Then I found the aquarium while looking for indoor activities. We set our GPS and headed out. It was an easy drive north on the interstate, but when we were getting off at our exit our day got worse.

Cool Fish

While waiting at the light, we notice construction equipment next to the road and commented on the smell. “Must be the diesel,” said Zack. We turned onto the next road and we both saw smoke coming out from under the hood. OMG. WTF. We quickly found a spot in the aquarium parking lot and opened the hood. A lot more smoke floated upward.

I had my oil changed the day before on my way home from an interview. It was only a couple miles from our home, so it hadn’t started to smoke in that short of drive. Those guys forgot to put my oil cap back on. The half hour drive to Grapevine caused most of the oil to spill out all over my engine – creating the smoke.

Next, we had to find the nearest Chevrolet dealership. We called to make sure they had the item in stock. We couldn’t risk the 5 mile drive if they didn’t. Good thing they did and were open. By the time we reached the check oil light came on the dash. My husband called the place that I had my oil changed to make sure they are open. He never got angry with them on the phone, but politely said that “one of your guys forgot to put the cap back on and we had to buy a new one,” and they were sorry. We got the car back there, they cleaned the engine off, put new oil in, then refunded us the $20 for the oil cap.

Anyways, these are the shots I took at the aquarium.



Clown Fish

Big Aquarium

Skeleton Aquarium

Shark Mouth


Lion Fish