Potsarazzi: First Week Roadblock

Potsarazzi: First Week Roadblock

When I first got ready to start the Downtown Racine Corporation Public Art Project I was excited to start my plans for the mosaic design on the flower pot. I never realized how large the garden stakes were before I saw them in person. I wanted to get “the small stuff” out of the way before I started the bigger project.

First off I primed the portion of the stakes I was going to paint and then proceeded to paint the next day. On the third day this is what the flower stake looked like.



But you can’t see the details through the pictures… The rust had started to show through! Even on the butterfly which was only in the priming stage.

To fix this, I spent about four hours on a Saturday sanding down the paint to get the rust off. But the acrylic paints I used were too thick and I had to use some turpentine to remove some of it.


Then I bought some RustOleum to use as my primer. Here’s how the butterfly turned out. Nice and white with no rust coming through! Now its ready to paint.