Potsarazzi: Design Submission

Potsarazzi: Design Submission

In order to register for the Downtown Racine’s 2011 Public Art Event, you have to submit an artist design packet. You fill out your information and you also sketch out your designs and list materials while also providing ‘proof’ of previous artwork.

These are my submitted designs for my piece entitled Nelumbo Nucifera. This is the Latin name for lotus flower.  (Horrible scanning quality!)


For what I thought the flower was going to look like in the design packet above, but it turned out have 9 petals (instead of six) so the color combination wouldn’t work like my design. So I tried an ombre look instead.


But the butterfly turned out pretty much the same.


The flower pot will be a mosaic, if you can’t tell by my crappy little squares. I’ve only started on it, but nowhere near even begun on it!