Leaving O’hare

Leaving O’hare

Journal Entry: 5/20/2009

“Star Alliance: the way Earth connects” — Apparently we offer space shuttle flights at O’hare now.  Today’s security is Code Orange.

The trips consists of me, Kory, Ben, Jan, Michael, Jennifer, and Wooseob. I keep being told to “go with the flow” even though we are only just boarding the plane. Overprepare, then you’re ready for anything, right? I think statements like those make people worry too much. Why not under-prepare? For sure I might be a little lost at first, there might be one of those initial freakouts, but I’ll overcome my fears; that’s what life’s about.

Our breakfast was served at 3a.m. (1p.m. in Chicago). The steak dinner we had was a lot better than these eggs. I slept most of the flight but it was hard to sit still for so long; all my limbs kept falling asleep.

My mind is falling asleep. I’m living such a boring routine lately. I feel like i’m rushing only to stand in line with everyone else. I’m not getting ahead but I’m not falling behind. Am I right where I need to be?

I’m trying not to have any expectations of how this trip will turn out. I am mostly excited about the food; so I can’t have any expectations about that because I haven’t tried any.

Goodbye O’hare.