I have a girl crush on Angelina Jolie Pitt. She was, after all, named Woman of the Year by Vanity Fair a couple years ago.

I came across this article Angelina Jolie Pitt wrote as a result of her decision to remove her ovaries. This comes two years after the woman decided to have a double mastectomy as a preventative measure to reduce the chance that she will have breast cancer. The cancer runs in her family – both her mother and grandmother – and she wants to take control before it controls her life.

Jolie was born in 1975. She is quite young, but she is educating herself based on her genetic history and the results of her family. While this isn’t an all-encompassing piece on her life, I find that she is very brave and level-headed to take this into her own hands at only 39 years of age [wait, is my math right?]. And although there are many braver women out there who have experienced these procedures and have experienced cancer (Jolie Pitt has not been diagnosed with cancer) and survived, I’m acknowledging her personal story as being brave.

Angelina is an amazing woman who has adopted 3 children from the countries of Cambodia, Ethiopia, and Vietnam, but has birthed three of her own. The best part about her raising of these children is that each one is learning the official language of their home country alongside English. And yes, other families have done this successfully with international adoptions, but her family definitely takes the cake of winning the adoption lottery.

And while she is an award winning actress for her role in Girl, Interrupted, she is also a filmmaker and a humanitarian. I never really enjoyed her as someone in the limelight while she was dating Billy Bob Thornton. She seemed like she was a crazy person pulling stunts on the red carpet and being very candid during interviews and public statements. I find that it stinks that her marriage to Brad didn’t last, but, all of a sudden, Angelina suddenly seemed like an adult doing admirable adult things. And this is why I have a crush on her.

34 thoughts on “GIRL CRUSH – ANGELINA JOLIE”

  • She definitely has personality. I don’t know if I have actually seen any of her movies, but I did enjoy watching her and Brad’s adventures adopting on TMZ 🙂

  • Everyone has a dark side so it was nice of you to showcase what she has accomplished and done. Her decision and hers alone when it comes to the health of her body.

  • I think everyone makes questionable decisions while they are maturing, we just get to see celebrities more. Angelina has done so many great things, she seems so full of compassion. It would be hard to not have a “girl crush” on her.

  • I admire her because she has come from very different background. She’s always been more of a rebellious person but she has learned how to real her self in and that is no easy task sometimes.

  • I’m not much of a fan of hers, but I do admire when someone, anyone takes their health issues in their own hands and makes braves decisions. i think it’s good that she has shared her experiences.

  • Angie and I are bonded through international adoption. I can’t tell you how many people have asked if I know her just because I have two Asian sons. I haven’t always agreed with her life choices but she might say the same of me. I identify with her as another mama and in that respect, I think she’s awesome.

  • I am a great fan of Angelina Jolie. Not just because she is beautiful but also because she is a responsible mother and because she is a perfect actress.

  • I’m not sure I am the biggest fan of Angelina Jolie’s film work, but her life choice to grow her family in a unique way by adopting makes her a huge role model. I am also impressed with all of the philanthropic works she does to make the world a better place.

  • I have seen many of her movie and always had a crush on her. Then I read about her life and everything that she has faced and then I fell in love with her. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • I have always loved her movies and her humaritanian works not much else but yes it was a very brave thing to have her ovaries and boobs removed in hopes of reducing her chances of getting cancer

  • thanks for the rundown of Angelina Jolie… I had no idea cancer runs in her family… great that she took preventative measures to keep herself healthy! Better safe than sorry when you’re a mom! I had a near death experience from a liver disease I was born with and it was very hard for my kids to see me so ill and almost lose me (hard for me too as watching your own kids hurt is the worst torture ever!) so great work on her part to take care of it!

  • Have always been a fan of Angelina. Loved her movies and her acting. Have read about her personal life too and the life decisions she has taken. Really admire her spirit.

  • I don’t know. I am glad that you find things that you can appreciate about her. And she has done some good work around the world. But I am still not sure whether or not she is the same person who was married to Billy Bob. Part of me thinks the crazy is still there.

  • She definitely has a great personality, I love her and love her movies!! Have always been a fan of Angelina!! She did a great work around the world!! Thanks for sharing this!

  • I really give her my respect in doing research and really making decisions that although difficult would ensure she has a better chance of living a full life. I definitely love her amazing humanitarian work and dedication to her children.

  • It is remarkable that she has adopted kids from different countries and she has been truly a humanitarian. I liked her with Pitt 1000% more than the Thorton era. Also, can we talk about her wedding dress?! Love it!

  • I have to admit I did not like her at all when she and Brad Pitt got together. I was a big fan of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt and it made me sad that they broke up. However, I still think Angelina is doing a good job raising those kids.

  • I think she’s an amazing mother and it’s nice that she’s educating herself about her genetic history, I think it’s a wise decision. Prevention is always better than cure, after all. It’s lovely that she’s encouraging her kids to learn their native tongue.

  • Angelina Jolie is really an amazing and brave woman. There are many women out there who are like her. Despite of all the struggles they encounter, they didn’t stop aiming high for their future. And look at them now, they are becoming others inspiration. And it is very wonderful to know it.

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