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I wanted to upgrade our patio furniture to something a little more comfortable to hang out in. It turns out that I set I bought for a previous apartment wasn’t too comfy to sit for longer period of time. Shocker! I always find some type of flaw with items I buy too hastily and don’t put enough research in.
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The chairs I got are from World Market and I couldn’t be happier with the design. The runner-up design was from Target, but when I sat in them at the store they were fairly small. These chairs are super wide and I cannot wait to snuggle up with a glass of wine at night (or beer because its hot in Texas!).

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So, before I could assemble the chairs, I wanted to do a little bit of DIY love to make sure they are beautiful and can withstand the Texas heat. Yes, it is a little bit more humid here, but if the air dries out then I want the wood to be protected. Thus, I decided to rub Teak Oil on the wood before assembly. So for ten bucks we bought this Watco Teak Oil from Amazon.

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Here are some wood-oiling tips:

  • I protected the patio floor with a canvas sheet to help soak up any oil drops.
  • I only applied one coat of oil then let it sit for thirty minutes. The instructions called for two, but the wood looked good with one.
  • Next, I wiped it down with a dry cloth. I used one of my husband’s old undershirts.
  • The instructions then called for 8-10 hours of dry time, which was perfect deciding to leave them on the patio overnight (then I assembled in the morning).

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  • I want to try this on my deck. My outside furniture is plastic, but the deck itself really needs to be brought back to life.

  • That outdoor furniture is so pretty. It is definitely something you want to protect from the elements. Teak oil seems like the perfect choice to keep them looking like new.

  • Where I live I need something like this. My furniture gets peel the part when is sitting out in the sun. I will definitely check this out because my furniture is starting to peel away slowly.

  • I love your new outdoor furniture! The chairs are pretty and look really comfortable. Thanks for sharing the tip about protecting outdoor wood furniture with teak oil. I’ve never used it before.

  • Ooooh that’s awesome! People tend to have a lot of wooden furniture up here (we do) so this stuff would definitely be helpful because it can get so dry and faded with exposure to the elements.

  • Your new patio furniture is so cute! We FINALLY retired our old patio set (after 10+ years) and got an adorable new red set earlier this summer. I never thought of using Teak Oil to protect the wood. What a clever idea!

  • I need to treat some of my outdoor furniture with teak oil. Most of it is metal but some of it is not, and I don’t want it to fade.

  • Your patio furniture looks so nice. I opted for chairs of a different material because I thought wood furniture would be too high maintenance. I should have known about this Teak Oil before! Oh well. I now know better. Will recommend this to my sister. Her indoor furniture is mostly wood and it is so pretty!

  • I love the new chair, they are very modern in design. I have a few wooden DIY’s I want to do when we move. I will keep this teak oil in mind. I want them to last as long as possible and look new.

  • Looks like this is a keeper. Your furniture looks amazing. I have a friend who has teak furniture, I will have to a pass on your post for them to read.

  • These chair look amazing and do look quite comfy. The Watco Teak Oil Finish sounds like an awesome product to put on the outdoor furniture to keep it looking good and for protecting it. I will have to get some of this on Amazon for my outdoor bench. Thanks for sharing this awesome product.

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