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I’ve been a big fan and daily reader of The Skimm for years. I love the instant news to my inbox every morning. I had never been a huge fan of reading the news, but the quick, short and humorous paragraphs allow me to digest easily. They also offer book suggestions which is always good to see what’s good to read! Have you tried their email subscription?


Speaking of book suggestions, I’ve been reading “In Such Good Company” by Carol Burnett this past week. I love learning about how she got her start to her fabulous career and all the characters she played along the way. It is even great learning about how many stars she met over her many years in show business and I’m surprised to learn how down to earth everyone is. It was another time, but definitely fun to read about!


I’m a big fan of stripes. I counted how many striped dresses that I have in my closet and there are four, to be exact. And two of those are new this month. I’m so addicted to striped dresses and I’m not even sure why. So this cute little number would be a welcome addition to my closet for the upcoming summer months.


And what goes great with a cute little dress? Why, cute little slides, of course! A lot of times I wear the same shoes for an entire week and forget to change up my style. I’ve been on the hunt for a great pair of sandals that I can wear throughout the whole summer. I’m not sure that these are it (or these sandals featured here), but I’m still hunting!


I love these sunglasses because they have the gold metal trim. I’m a sucker for gold and black. It just gives off polished look. The only thing that would make these glasses better would be if the lenses were polarized. I still can’t give up my Ray Bans because of that.

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