1. What a great list of links! Can’t wait to go through them all one by one .. especially the “8 Habits of Incredibly Happy People” x

  2. you are right, that’s a lot of content! I need to find some time and look at these there are lots of things that interest me there!

  3. This is wonderful. So much content for me to read on one of those sleepless nights. I absolutely love fashion and this has me excited.

  4. Thanks so much for the recommendations! I will definitely check some of these out. Its so hard to find good info on skin care – glad you are talking about it!

  5. love all the three looks you chose and those are all great recommendations as well, getting on them now!

  6. I am always looking for inspiration from fashion blogs that share sensible and wearable ideas and styles.. Thank you for sharing..I will be checking these out very soon

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