I don’t know much about Winona Ryder other than she was in Edward Scissorhands, Girl, Interrupted (with Angelina Jolie), Stranger Things and Heathers. I also remember her stealing something from a store many years ago. That’s pretty much it. So why am I crushing on this woman?

I came across a video of her discussing how she suffers bouts of anxiety and depression. Winona legitimately felt like she had no one to talk to to about her problems in a 1999 interview with 20/20. She said she saw herself on the cover of a magazine with the headline “luckiest girl in the world”, but that made her feel more. She felt like she should be ashamed for having these feelings because she is a movie star. Watch the video here or below:

The importance of this video is that Winona’s not being boastful. She’s being honest about how Hollywood made her accept the lie that her problems aren’t real problems that other people experience. Depression and anxiety are real problems, no matter where you are in life. It doesn’t depend on your status.

And it is her honesty that makes me have a crush on her. Even though this interview is sixteen years old, and Winona is now 43, the issue that she thought she should accept depression and anxiety as part of her life is still relevant today. No one should accept these things. Being placed on a public pedestal for most of her life (she started acting around age 12/13) put her under public scrutiny. She did eventually seek out professional help.

And Winona has revived her career in a way that she has made it her own.

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  • I have always liked her, too! I thought she was great in Stranger Things. She has hardly aged, too! She looks amazing for her age.

  • It is great she is speaking out about her health issues and problems. She does have the money to get the help she needs. When it comes to actors and actresses and performers they can stop at anytime and find a new career many people have if they don’t like being in the spot light.

  • I’ve always been a fan of her. Beetlejuice is one of my favorite movies. I imagine growing up in Hollywood is no easy feat. I’m glad she’s speaking about what she went through.

  • I grew up watching Winona Ryder is so many things! I was so excited when I heard she was going to be in Stranger Things, and she didn’t disappoint!

  • I have been a fan of hers for so many years. She is such a talented lady. I hate hearing how she has suffered, and I sure hope she is doing well and feeling well now.

  • I’ve followed her career for such a long time and think she’s all sorts of wonderful in all of the movies she’s made. Knowing this about he makes me love her all the more. Good for her for her bravery and honesty!

  • The same reasons you love Wionna Ryder, for her honesty and opening up about her problems, are the same reasons that I love Carrie Fisher. She’s the first celebrity death that really crushed me. She encouraged me, through her videos, to receive help for my own mental illnesses and to find strength in them.

  • Kudos to Winona Ryder for sharing your story about her depression and anxiety. It take a lot for someone to admit and even except that have a mental illness. We need to keep the awareness a live in my opinion. Thanks for sharing the story.

  • I honestly can’t remember what I’ve seen her in, lol. Don’t blame her, tho, it’s my faulty movie memory. I have to see something five times before I remember who was in it. But the popcorn!! Oh the popcorn!

  • I admire Winona for being brave enough to share her stories. Such a reality that not every time actresses are in the spot light. Sometimes they go over something just like normal people do.

  • Depression is real and can affect anyone regardless of your status in life. I admire Winona for her honesty. I know a lot of people suffering from depression appreciates Winona’s coming out and letting everyone know of this disease.

  • I met her years ago when she was filming Edward Scissor Hands in our Florida neighborhood. I have always loved her work on the screen. Applause to her for his transparency with depression. More women need to educate themselves and understand it is a disease.

  • She seems like a great person. I always appreciate it when celebrities share stories about their struggles. It makes them more relatable and provides a great platform to create awareness.

  • I grew up with Winona and we’re the same age. I remember her in Mermaids which was probably her first screen performance with Cher. My favourite film of hers is Dracula with Gary Oldman. Depression and anxiety chooses its victims regardless of position in society and needs to be taken seriously when it appears no matter who the victim is.

  • I’ve always loved Winona. She’s a great actress.. I didn’t realise that she had been battling this and Sam amazed at her strength for being public with it!

  • Sharing these emotions and feelings is very important. Like you said no one should accept it as a part of life, these things can change. More awareness on these issues is so important, depression and social anxiety are real.

  • I don’t know much about her to be honest but she seems like a person who deserves your woman crush Wednesday 😉

  • Being honest and vulnerable are qualities that endear many actors/actresses to their fans. To know someone you look up to has gone through a similar situation makes for a special bond.

  • This is the second time I have commented on this post. She isn’t my favorite actress. Feel they should do their job and stay out of politics. Glad she finally received help, not like she couldn’t afford to get help. Just when the time is right for her.

  • Winona Ryder is such a great actress…I remember seeing her the first time in Beetlejuice. Now she is amazing on Stranger Things. I know it is not easy being in the spotlight all the time, but she seems to have a good perspective now.

  • Winona Ryder is a true iconic actress. I have always admired her ability to completely transform into her quirky characters.

  • I loved her in Beetlejuice. Such a great actress! I’m surely glad that she is speaking out about this. So important to share with others especially when you’re in the public eye

  • Winona Ryder is such a great actress, however, we have no idea of the struggles she’s been through. Depression can truly affect anyone, regardless of their status in life. Success is not a guarantee that you won’;t have it. I admire her for her honesty and I hope she gets better soon.

  • Isn’t it terrible that we always remember people for the bad things they do. I really enjoyed her in Strange Things and can’t wait for the next season.

  • I love when owners latest work in the Netflix original series stranger things, she doesn’t amazing job in that in her role. Seems like I’ve grown up watching Winona Ryder grow up

  • I love this blog so much! I love Winona Ryder, and you wrote about her so perfectly. I loved her in everything I’ve ever seen her in, and to know she was struggling throughout all of her success is sad yet empowering in a way.

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