5 Tips to Be Less Negative

5 Tips to Be Less Negative

Feelings are just visitors. Let them come and go.”
— Mooji (via la-luna-love)

It’s hard to stop letting your mind wander over to any negative thoughts. I do it all the time. While I never act irrationally towards these negative feelings, they’re always there devouring my positive thoughts. If you actively try to suppress a negative thought, does it make room for more positive thoughts?

The following are five tips to help you be less negative (or more positive if you’re an optimist):

1. Decide to Change: if you are able to actively point out every negative thought you have, then you should be able to stop that seed from growing any larger than it needs to be. Be a part of life, not afraid of it!

2. Keep Calm: if you are freaking out over something that has never happened, then chances are you are giving yourself anxiety for no reason. By staying calm, you are able to address any situation in rational behavior.

3. Record Your Negativity: write down your thoughts and examine them. When you are able to look back on all your negative thoughts, you can address them to look for patterns. This may help you to get to the root of a bigger issue or help you determine that these thoughts are not important. So shed your negative thoughts when they first pop up!

4. Become Self Aware: kill them with kindness! It’s quite easy to react to the negativity you receive with negativity. This is an active process that might get the better of you, but try as hard as you can. Once people see that their negativity does not affect you, then you have the upper hand in the situation. You will fear people less and have the ability to control the situation.

5. Admit that You Are Negative: There is nothing better than fully admitting to your negative thoughts. Blurt it out to the people around you with an “omg, I’m being so negative about this situation.” It will help you stay alert to your hater feelings and dissolve any tension that arises when you’re acting on your negative feels. It is better to recognize the error of your ways to help bring balance into your life.