Friday Five 013
Pineapple everything.

Cutting Board

This pineapple shaped cutting board is just the cutest. I love the half wood and the half marble detailing on the product.

Ice Bucket

This chrome colored ice bucket is from CB2. A conversation starter at cocktail hour, the bucket also holds its own as a cookie jar or whimsical object.

Door Knocker

A pineapple door knocker is the first glimpse of hospitality your guests will see. This item is functional and designed adorably. The reviews were fairly half and half, so I don’t think I will be ordering this item for my apartment door.


Gold and pineapples are kind of my favorite things. I love that they are becoming more and more popular! This clip adds a really cute addition to any fridge and would look really cute on my black fridge!


This brass-finished pineapple trivet adds a playful touch of the tropics to any meal, all while protecting your counters and tabletops from hot plates.

18 thoughts on “FRIDAY FIVE | 13”

  • I love all things pineapple! My post today is an easy pineapple recipe. Pineapple is the symbol of hospitality. Maybe that’s why I love it so much. The cutting board is awesome!

  • Pineapple is known for being a welcoming sign to come on in and enjoy the company and good food. If your a collector of pineapple items all of these would be perfect and make great gifts.

  • I love almost anything and everything that has to do with pineapple. It would be fun to decorate my house with some pineapples just started to give it a vacation type feel.

  • Those are all beautiful pineapples. I love that you have themed stuff. I am not sure I would go with Pineapples but I would do anything that looked as beautiful as this and was Disney.

  • I see a lot of post about pineapple and I’m liking it I might need to share mine too. My favorite is the cutting board very unique great for kitchen decor or for everyday use.

  • These are all awesome pineapple items. I love the ice bucket and the cutting board because to me they are unique . Thanks for sharing these pineapple items.

  • Lovely and functional pineapple themed decor items. I not only love the taste of pineapples, I also think they make for good decor pieces. I love that pineapple shaped chopping board. 🙂

  • I learned from a friend who is Chinese that pineapples symbolizes welcoming good fortune so it is good to have decorations at home in the shape of pineapples. The pineapple shaped door knocker would be the best one to have then. Let good fortune come knocking!

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