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I’ve reached out to all these photographers regarding our photography needs for our post-wedding reception this September. Although, I wouldn’t wait to contact a photographer as late as I am (less than nine months) if you already have your date picked out.

These four photographers are all featured in the Married in Milwaukee website. This is one of the best resources for Milwaukee venues and vendors. Plus they feature articles about different trends and styles.

Janviere Photography

Janviere Photography
While I loved a lot of the photos Janviere has on the website, I didn’t love the communication with Jennifer. I submitted the form on the website, explained that I only needed reception coverage and a little session with only my husband and I. Jennifer responded asking how many hours of coverage and that she would be able to give a better quote. I responded that It should be about 4-5. After that I never heard back from her.

Craig John Photographer

Craig John Photography
Craig responded almost immediately to the message I sent, but he already had this day booked. He did offer to reach out to a few other photographers on my behalf to see if our date is available. Very kind! It was through this list that I found a photographer that I loved even more than the four listed here. Thank you Craig!

John Ciciora Photography

John Ciciora Photography
I received an auto-response email immediately after I sent my initial request. He ended up being busy during my date, but offered the names of one photographer. I wasn’t too interested in that portfolio, so he was out.

Little Giant Photography

Little Giant Photography
I received a response back within 20 minutes of sending my initial request for information. Tia Brindel already has a magazine style “Wedding Guide” to showcase her different packages, which was sent to me via email and then she requests an in person meeting. Since I’m planning from Texas, I am unable to stop in to meet with her. I suggested a phone call moving forward. This phone call never took place. I called the following week and left a message with my phone number and asked for her to call me back. I never received a phone call, but only another email. I never answered and there was not a follow-up email after that.

The most intriguing part of the entire “photographer shopping” experience was that, even though I had these four picked out based on their portfolio, I didn’t choose any of them. This is the photographer I chose:

Type A Images

Type A Images Photography
I sent an email, explaining my “after the wedding” celebration and that Craig had recommended her. She sent over her wedding magazine and I fell in love. Not only seeing her body of work, but learning more about her. Amanda describes herself as a nerd, but I can see that she embraces her career in a fun and loving manner. I can’t wait for her to create beautiful memories for us!


It really irks me that some photographers charge an outrageous amount, but don’t offer the communication necessary for them to “land a gig”. I find it unprofessional on their part to not answer or not call back. This is thousands of dollars we’re talking about here. Photography, especially wedding photography, is expensive. It is well worth the investment, but finding the right company to work with was rather difficult.

The photos used in this post are from the photographers websites. Click on the images to be taken to their website.

What was your experience like searching for a Wedding Photographer?


  • Those are great photos. I think out of all the things deemed important on your wedding day, photography has to be the most important, its the thing that is everlasting. I would spend more on photography than a cake or flowers or even the venue because these pictures will hang your walls and go in your photo albums for your whole life.

  • love the photos, each one really captures a special moment : ) I really like the black & white photo with the bride laughing and the groom holding her from behind (such a precious moment!)

  • It’s definitely wise to look into the best photographer for not only the money but their talent as well. A lot of people think they can take great photos because they have a fancy camera and thats just not the case. LOL

  • It’s cool to see how different photographers all have their own shooting/editing style. I bet they could all take pictures of the same scene and have their pictures look totally different.

  • I would have been irked to with the non call backs from the photographers. It is awesome that Craig helped you out and you found a wonderful photographer. My mom’s best friend is a part-time photographer and only charges us for the supplies. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • It would be so hard to choose what photographer to use. The photos are all amazing. I remember determining who would do our wedding photos. My husband’s cousin did them and I was super pleased.

  • A lot of great pictures! My sister in law is getting married in June. I can’t wait to see what pictures she gets.

  • I’ve always thought being a wedding photographer would be the best job in the world. You’d get to be around a lot of people who are happy and having fun. Plus .. your work would be admired for generations.

  • This is such a valuable resource for people in the Milwaukee area. I know it’s not easy to get all this info in one place!

  • When my daughter got married last May, we wanted the best photographer we could find. We booked the photographer of her dreams and the next day after the deposit was made, she called and told us she was booked on that day and had forgotten about it. What??? I was bummed, but at least she recommended another great photographer and we booked her. Our wedding photographer was considered a luxury photographer. I didn’t know that was a thing. After seeing her prices, I totally agreed. 🙂

  • I wish this post existed back when I needed a wedding photographer. The wedding photographer we hired ended up having bankruptcy and we never got our pictures. These are some beautiful pictures.

  • Love the last photo – absolutely gorgeous! Our wedding photographer was recommended by a friend so we didn’t had a hard time looking for one. And he was good not to mention, affordable.

  • I was ripped off by a photographer they showed up took the photos and I paid them a considerably amount of money. I never received the photos. They changed their number, moved and disappeared. Why would they do this. Ruined everything.

  • I know that a lot of photographers really hesitate to take just a reception gig, If they can book the day with an entire wedding instead.

  • It’s really unfortunate that many of these photographers did not follow up with communicating with you. So glad you finally found someone you liked. I’m sure the photos will be beautiful!

  • Finding the photographer that is best is essential. I need to know that they can capture the essence of my event and the special moments that are important to me. I will look back at these pictures for years to come.

  • We couldn’t afford a wedding photograher so never looked for one. I have found over the years in researching other service businesses that there are a surprising amount of small businesses who don’t communicate well if at all.

  • These wedding photos are so beautiful. Just by looking at them, you’d know that the photographer has that special talent and a keen eye for detail to come up with shots like these. I wonder if they also do newborn and family portraits?

  • I love your discussion of all of the photographers. I really wish I had done more homework before we got married. Our supposed photographer crapped out on us and never showed. I was so thankful that my best friends wife was there to take pictures. She is an amazing photographer and did some amazing work.

  • Those pictures are simply priceless. Wedding photos are so important to have. I’m so glad that I have mine to always look back at.

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