Friday Five Six


I already bought this dress from LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls. It is adorable and flattering with cinching at the waistline. It is also belted around the waist. I got a an immediate compliment on it from a coworker!


This cute white shirt from Pixie Market has adorable bows on the sleeves. While I have a hard time wearing anything with sleeves, I would try out this style

Britney Spears

How is it that Britney keeps such a toned body? Bravo to her dedication. I read somewhere on Twitter that they is going to be a movie about her and Justin. Any confirmations on this? I’d love to see it!

Black Shirt

You guys, this shirt is only $11. How can a shirt only be $11? The cute scallop details would work for work or for fun. It really looks like an Ann Taylor or J.Crew type style. Shut up and take my money, online store!

Luke Evans

I’m getting excited that Beauty and the Beast is releasing soon. There was a short interview on Good Morning America with Luke Evans talking about his role. I might have to drag my husband out to see this one!

What did you like this week?

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