What to Do On a Short Trip to Seattle

What to Do On a Short Trip to Seattle


Welcome to Seattle! I travelled to visit my friend for only two nights. It was quick and we tried to hit all the spots a first-time visiter would probably want to see.


Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls – Famous 270-foot falls only about a 30 minute drive from Seattle.

Space Needle

Space Needle – Obvs.

Chihuly Museum

Chihuly Space Needle


Chihuly Garden and Glass – If you like art and glass, then this is the museum for you!

Public Market

Seattle Gum Wall

Pike Place Market – We watched the guys throw the fish. We talked to vendors and shopped a little bit. We visited the gum wall – which was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen!


Fremont Troll – The head-and-shoulders sculpture of a troll is 18 feet tall and full of people. It was neat to see (and free!).


Monorail – Ever since that episode of Frasier aired when he was stuck on the monorail with Niles, I was excited to be on a monorail!

First Starbucks

First Starbucks – For all you fans of Starbucks fancy drinks or pour-over coffees, you can have the chance to visit the FIRST Starbucks ever.


Underground Tour

Underground Tour

A little history about Seattle: a logging town was built, it was burned down, then it was rebuilt – and it was built an entire story higher. So, the ground levels of the building became the basements. Then, the basements became underground tunnels that we can tour. It was gritty and it was wonderful and we saw a lot of rats!


Local 360

Local 360
We stopped for drinks here and the menu was astounding – even for appetizers! They had oysters and I was a little jealous that we were planning on eating in this stop-through.

Umi Sushi

Umi Sake House
Sushi – I was told that the celebrities eat here, so we were down to check it out. Apparently, going right when the doors opens does not equal celebrity sightings. We were the only celebrities there! Rolls and cocktails were half off for happy hour and were quite delicious. We also tried the salmon trio sashimi and it was super tasty.

Korean BBQ – This place was tasty (as is ALL Korean BBQ) and a little on the pricier side. The atmosphere was great and they even made their own ice cream. We had the chef’s choice.

Have you been to Seattle before? What was your favorite thing to do?