Did you catch the SAG Awards Sunday night? I wasn’t even thinking about tv so I forget to watch!

After a little online sleuthing, I’ve picked out the best dresses. If you’d like to look at more beautiful dresses, check out my favorites from the Golden Globes.

Yara Shahidid

Bryce Dallash Howard

Julie Bowen

Marsai Martin

Gretchen Mol

Felicity Huffman

Annalise Basso

I applaud them for their statement:

Simon Helberg and Jocelyn Towne

There were a lot of good dresses and a lot of weird ones, but that happens at every award show. There were a lot of facial expressions experienced by Wynona Ryder, a lot of monochromatic makeup across the board, and Stranger Things is still rocking it…

What was your favorite dress?

19 thoughts on “SAG AWARDS BEST DRESSED”

  • I didn’t see it, but these ladies you have pictured sure look pretty. I love that refugee statement that the lady on the bottom did!

  • I think I’m the only person who prefers the actual award shows more than the rep carpet. I really liked most of the outfits at the SAG Awards this year!

  • I love Felicity Huffman’s dress! It is classy and understated. Some of the outfits are just way too bizarre for me. I didn’t watch the SAGs, but I’m looking forward to Oscar night.

  • I missed the award ceremony but it is always fun to see what kind of outfits people wear. There’s definitely some real classy dress is out there that I wish I could wear and then there are some that I just look at them thinking “what were you thinking”, but it is always fun.

  • The dresses were beautiful. I don’t applaud them for their words. Won’t watch again could care less they think they need to tell me how to act or believe in. They are all rich don’t see them taking in or giving money to refugees. Actions speak loud. Pay for some refugees or take them in. We have in our home.

  • These are all beautiful dresses. I really like the first one and the red one near the bottom. I didn’t watch the SAG awards.

  • I love to watch the award shows to see all the amazing dresses. I love the red dress. The flowing material looks like beautiful wings.

  • I didn’t watch the SAG awards on tv but I have seen some of the dresses on other shows. These are all great dresses that look great on all of them Julie Bowen’s dress I love because it looks so elegant to me. Thanks for sharing these awesome dresses.

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