Verandahs at Cliffside Apartments
After a whirlwind romantic Vegas vacation, the following Monday Zack had scheduled an interview with a company in Fort Worth, Texas. In less than a week, Friday April 1, 2016 he was offered a position as Marketing Director and agreed on April 18, 2016 as his first day.


We only had two weeks to look for a place for him to move into. We didn’t have the time to look at different places in person to shop around. I was grateful that we had been discussing moving out earlier this year, but we couldn’t agree on any of the places we saw in the greater Milwaukee area.

Our main criteria while Milwaukee apartment shopping:

  • 1 Bedroom
  • $800 or less
  • Washer/Dryer in unit or within building
  • 2 Parking Spaces

It’s a short list, right? Any places around Milwaukee rarely have one parking space, let alone two. Our budget was really low because we want to be able to save a lot every month. That short list either kept our commutes just as long as they currently are OR really, really dumpy places. We never jumped at anything.

And good thing we didn’t move. We didn’t find our $800 or less in Texas, but we had found an apartment that had newly updated interiors that was less than $1,000 (about ~$1200 with utilities). It was a one bedroom on the first floor with a patio. There were full size laundry hook-ups in the unit as well as a community gym, outdoor grills, laundry room and three pools (one indoors). I doubt I’d ever find anything with amenities like that in Milwaukee for under $2,000.

Below are some of the photos I took when we moved in. Also, we owned almost zero furniture right now. My desk became our dining table so we did need a second chair. Zack bought a desk on Craigslist for me before I moved (I drove down Memorial weekend). We wanted to buy a couch and a media center, bed frame with headboard, end tables and a chair for the new desk. We did end up buying a washer and dryer from an outlet store, but our unit came with full-size hookups.

Though this place looks cute, please beware. There were many bad experiences that we had during the past nine months. Looks are always what they seem and, sometimes, online reviews really need to be taken into the decision making process.

Have you ever dealt with a cross-country move?

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  • I have definitely dealt with a cross-country move. There are definitely a lot of bumps in the road especially because you’re moving to an area you didn’t know about before. Our first month we were supposed to stay in a furnished apartment after one night in that apartment we moved very quickly because it was in a very bad area of town. Your place looks beautiful.

  • Wow, talk about a whirlwind move! It can be so hard to find the right place at the right price without leaving your commute insanely long. We haven’t done a cross-country move since getting married, but we’ve been eyeing some out of state jobs so we’ll see!

  • Wow you did pretty darn good for have such a short window to move, get settled and up and running. Best wishes on your new adventure. Place looks really nice. Like the wood floors.

  • This place looks great. I love the floors! I have not had to move cross country since I was little, but I remember the hassle my parents dealt with!

  • I’ve moved several times and I work for a company who calls several apartment complexes. Looks like a really nice place you moved into. God Bless with the new move and job.

  • I have never had to deal with moving cross-country. The reality is, that i haven;t gone very far. I ended up buying a house in the neighborhood I grew up in.

  • We have never done a cross-country move but it sounds stressful. I always check online reviews before doing anything. Some of them are dramatic but some of them are right on.

  • What a cute apartment. I’ve never had to move cross country before and not so sure I’d want to but some instances might make that happen sometime. I find some cute (and not so cute) things on Craig’s list.

  • I think this is a great find. I hate to move and can not imagine having such little time to do it. I hope you are enjoying your new job.

  • Wow, you really lucked out! What a cute place! We sold our investment property, the house we were living in, and bought a house all within three weeks last year…so overwhelming but that’s real estate, I guess!

  • I have never had to deal with a cross coutry move before. This looks like a great place to rent at a great price for sure. The price is indeed amazing for everything that comes with it and the apt. looks gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your experience and new home.

  • I”ve never moved cross country but I have moved across the state and I think that’s kind of the same thing…not much time to look, looking at everything online and not in person, and finding out what it’s really like once you actually get there. It was frustrating and I said I would never do that again but who knows? I may be up for an adventure soon…

  • Wow, that all happened so fast. I am still in the first house I bought and will stay here until my kids graduate high school đŸ™‚

  • Sounds like you had a stressful move. I know some things didn’t go your way, but you did end up with a beautiful place to live. Wishing you all the best in your future homes!

  • We are preparing for a move to a nearby city and have driven our own selves sick scouting out the right neighborhoods to consider. I can only imagine a cross country move! Moving is such an expensive venture too. Accumulating furniture and furnishings is a process which takes years based on the outrageous prices of everything. That is why we have become such good DIY and Thrift Upcyclers!

  • Congrats on finding a nice apartment within your budget! I really like those wood floors and it looks like you have a great view from your balcony.

  • That apartment looks fabulous and I really love the flooring! I have never moved across country. Just a short span of a 10 minute drive and it was only once. I could not fathom driving far. Oh the stress! I can’t imagine it. Can’t!
    Best of luck on your new adventure in your new place.

  • Two weeks does not give you enough time to make the right decisions. I would also look at the reviews to get a better picture of a place before choosing it.

  • What a whirlwind time in your life. Sound like you both handled it really well. Must have been exciting and hard both at the sometime to find an apartment. Good thing your list wasn’t that long.

  • Looks like a great place! While I’ve never made a big move like that, I have friends and family who had to do a big move on short notice. I can’t imagine how stressful it is! Glad that you found something you liked.

  • Congratulations to your husband and best of luck with your move. I would totally stressing out and awake 24/7 making decisions and prepping.

  • I hope I never have to do a cross country move again. I love your new place. The wood floors are a nice touch.

  • I have never had to deal with a cross country move before and especially in such a little amount of time. It looks like you really lucked out with this apartment. Good job finding a great place. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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