Nothing like a little theft to keep you on your toes! This week has been super stressful with giving a lease termination notice and apartment shopping, plus a puppy that is constantly whining to go outside. I would be glad its the weekend, but I have to leave town for work on Sunday morning, so I only get one day off!


This blouse from Mango is super feminine. The lace is beautiful and on-trend. While I’m not big on wearing white (because I’m a horrible person who spills coffee all over), the blouse is only $19.99! And if the price doesn’t tempt you, I hope the drawstring will. It adds an accessory to your outfit so you can skip a necklace.


I’ve been using Serge Normant for quite some time and I’ve loved it. I originally tried it from a Birchbox in sample form. This month I opted to try something new: Not Your Mothers. So far, it seems to work about the same and it cheaper (less than half the cost). The application is the same and the results are just as good. Now I can wake up with dirty hair for cheaper!


These Free People Motion leggings are super cute. The army green color would help break away from the standard black that I always keep on hand. And the wrap details would would also stand out from standard leggings. A little pricey, but, again, super cute. Side note: Whenever I type ‘leggings’ my fingers leave out the last ‘g’ and it become ‘leggins’. My fingers are too quick!


Popsugar has a chance to win a trip to Greece. Oh how wonderful would it be to go on vacation right now! I know, I know. The odds of me winning are super low, but I’ve entered on high hopes. Plus Women’s Health is a sponsor – so entering to win a trip is good my my health


This gorgeous bar necklace from MyBelovedCo on Etsy. I got my wedding date in Roman Numerals engraved in the gold color. I’ve been wearing it for the past month, non-stop. It is simple, elegant and goes with every outfit. It was so cute, I bought one for a friend too!

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