Colt: Then & Now

Colt: Then & Now

What do you do after moving to a state where you know no one but your husband? You get a dog, of course. Welcome home, Colt!



Six short months ago Zack and I brought home our very first animal to make our small, Texas family. Through potty training and teaching commands, Colt has grown up into a beautiful dog that I’m proud to call mine. Even though he has chewed on a couple of shoes. And wakes up at 2 a.m. to play with his squeaker toys. And sleeps on my feet so I can’t move.

When he was around 3-4 months, his ears were only partially up (only the tips fell over). We had discussed taping, but I didn’t want to force it. Then, eventually, they stood up! I think it happened because I kept telling him that he was ugly with those floppy ears, haha!

Colt is half Australian Shepherd and half German Shepherd. He has a very fluffy coat (he feels like fleece) and he constantly is whining. His favorite thing to do during a walk is to find a stick and bring it home, playing with it all the way. That’s my boy!


Colt on Bed