Wedding Website

I’ll admit it: I’m a fanatic for an adorable wedding website. I enjoy reading the “how we met” story and the ability to include many, many more photos than are included on the save the dates or invitations. You can see my save the dates here.

What information should I include?

You should include the basics! A website can be shared at any time. If you’re late on sending save the dates or invitations, a website is an alternative method to share your pertinent details for your special day.

  • Who you are: Have you ever gone to a wedding, but never met either the bride or groom? Informing your guests how you two met is the perfect introduction for friends coming with dates. Since I’ve moved, I might not get the chance to meet good friend’s new partners before
  • Date: What date do your guests need to plan for? The save the dates also check this box, but if you’re skipping on the save the dates, then make sure that you announce the date of your event as quickly as possible!
  • Location: Do you have guests coming from out of town? Let guests know where the event will take place ahead of time. It will be much easier for them to find and price transportation. Also, include hotel information if you have decided to block off rooms.
  • RSVP: Some guests might lose your invites – but it’s okay! You already included the digital RSVP on your website. Some people find it easier to use the automation software included for determining how many guests will be attending your wedding. The alternative is to use a spreadsheet on your own or keep track via pen and paper.
  • Registry: As it is not proper etiquette to include registry information on the invitation, it is an easy additional part of a wedding website.

Should I buy a domain?

No! You don’t have to buy a domain to have your very own little corner of the internet devoted to your wedding. You can use The Knot to create your free wedding website.

If you did want to buy, then you can check out Squarespace for very EASY method of creating your own website. Prices may vary, but you do get a free 30-day trial.

Do I need a wedding website?

No! It is not required that you have a wedding website while you are planning EVERY other aspect of your wedding. It is meant to be supplemental to include extra information for guests as well as helpful for you while you are planning. If you don’t want one, don’t get one!

Did you create a wedding website? How did you decide to make one?