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Green Meadows Petting Farm is located in East Troy, Wisconsin. I had never been one of the children lucky enough to go on a field trip to this magical place, but I’ve been there twice as an adult now. My sister’s friend, Heidi Keyes, grew up on the farm. Her parents own and manage it currently and Heidi’s done a lot of the artwork that can be seen in some of the photos.

If you have little ones (or just want to pet some farm animals) and live near Southeast Wisconsin I highly suggest making your way to the farm! Just check out Green Meadows on Facebook because they post all sorts of cute pictures.



  • Oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVE the smiley face on the barn … how cute! I grew up on a farm and it wasn’t until I had been an adult of several years that I realized how much I took for granted in that regard. It wasn’t until I worked with a man who told me he had never seen a cow that I realized how isolated some people grew up. Now, when we take my grandsons to the zoo, we always make sure we stop by the petting zoo exhibit. And each time I tell my grandsons a story about an animal I grew up with on the farm.

  • Wow! These pictures are incredible. It looks like such a fun petting farm. I’m sure kids (and adults!) love to visit!

  • Awww, so many cute animals! I live in Chicago, which isn’t that far from Wisconsin, so maybe I’ll have to make a special trip to Green Meadows Petting Farm this summer. I’m a huge animal lover and love places where I’m able to get up close and personal with them.

  • Green Meadows Petting Farm sounds amazing. Petting farms and zoos are fun and exciting for the kids and would be a great place to take the kids this summer. They get to see different animals as well as pet them. Thanks for sharing the information.

  • We love animals and love going to places that let us and the family learn more about them. Thanks for the recommendation. We’ll check it out on our next visit to Wisconsin.

  • You really got some close up looks at the animals. We went to a local Metro Parks farm themed petting zoo the other day and my kids had a blast!

  • It would be so much fun to spend the day at Green Meadows Petting Farm. Goats are always fun to watch play. My Son would be in love with all of the animals.

  • Pettng farms are so much fun. I love to be able to discover the animals and all they have to offer up close.

  • What gorgeous photos of these animals! This is totally the kind of thing that my kiddos would love to do! We will have to take them!

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