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Stillwater, Minnesota is a year-round travel destination (according to their website). While I’ve never been there during the winter season, I have driven few during quite a few summers. This time is the first that I’ve stayed overnight. Zack and I explored the little city and grabbed a bite to eat at Smalley’s Caribbean Barbeque, had ice cream at Leo’s Grill & Malt Shop, had a couple drinks at No Neck Tony’s, followed up by breakfast at the Lumberjack Cafe. We stayed at the Rivertown Inn and ended up being the only guests within the facility.

Mining Building
Freight House
Nacho Mamas
Stillwater Court House
Stillwater Street Entrance
Stillwater Lift Bridge
Stillwater Minnesota
War Memorial
War Memorial

19 thoughts on “STILLWATER, MINNESOTA”

  • I have never been anywhere in Minnesota before, but Stillwater sounds like a fun place to visit. I sure hope I make it there someday.

  • This brings back so many memories. Still water is a place I’ve been to many times and I always love it. They have such a small town feel and I always feel welcome when I go there. I have not been back there in years and it looks like they have done a lot of new stuff. I am definitely going to have to take a trip up there.

  • I have never been to Minnesota, but it is on my list of places I want to see but probably in the summer! These pictures are amazing, they make me want to dress up my kids and photograph them in these places.

  • These are great pictures. You really captured the feel of the town, in my opinion. I’ve never been to Minnesota,

  • What a beautiful American town. My father was born in Minnesota, but I’ve never been there. I love the photos that you took; they really tell a story.

  • I have never been to MInnesota but I do love visiting little towns. It is so interesting to me to explore new places and little towns seem to have everything you need to enjoy yourself while on vacation.

  • I’ve only been to Minnesota twice but it was so awesome! We went in the fall and it was glorious.
    I love how your photos capture the personable fell of Stillwater.

  • Hey Katie, all these beautiful visuals and lovely landscapes are luring me into planning a trip off to Minnesota. To be honest, it’s not yet in my trip book, but if I ever get a chance to be there, I’ll definitely pay a visit to Stillwater only because it is simply amazing. Great pics by the way!

  • I’ve never been to Minnesota before, but Stillwater sounds like a wonderful place to visit! The photos are beautiful – it looks like a place full of charm and history which are two things I love! Thanks for sharing this post!

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