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A lot has happened to my emotional state over the holidays and I could say its for the better. I kept believing in something that would never have been possible and I ended it. I ended it in a way that made me suffer, but I ended it nonetheless. The entire thing revolved around me caring too much and he made me feel weak and worthless. It was a situation of control and now it’s over.

And just a few short days after, a friend of mine didn’t want me to be sad any longer. I would never be the girl to let him pick up the pieces, but he was there to let me cry on his shoulder and let me talk his ear off about someone who had hurt me. He told me that I am his best friend and he can’t imagine his life without me. swoon. He took me on our first official date last Saturday.

Shakers Cigar Bar Haunted 3rd Floor

We went to La Casa De Alberto for Mexican food, The Safe House for drinks, and Shakers for drinks and a haunted tour of the building. The building was constructed in 1894 and used as a Speakeasy in the 1920s and also used as a filmset for the movie Dillinger.

The first picture is Zack and I with a safe at Shakers. The safe is haunted as workers have found it moved across the basement and no one has ever been able to unlock it. The second picture is me on the third floor of Shakers. This is the apartment of the A-list prostitute that “disappeared”. 70 years later there was a bag of charred bones that were uncovered from under the floorboards which are presumed to be this girl (according the age of the bones). Creepy!

And for a measly $350 dollars, you and one other person can sleep over in the third floor room! There are no ghosts or spots in my photos 🙁

[coat: JCrew / shoes: Zara / jeans: Abercrombie]

11 thoughts on “SHAKERS CIGAR BAR”

  • Shakers looks like a wonderful place to spend the evening. It has such a great vibe that comes across just in the pictures. P.S. It is SO wonderful to hear those romantic words, isn’t it? You two are a super cute couple.

  • I am happy you are feeling better now. Good that your friend took you out! Sounds like a really great friend to have – even if you didn’t want to be a burden to him, good friends will always want to be there, no matter what!

  • That sounds like an amazing friend to have in your life! That sounds like an amazing first date! I especially like the back stories of Shakers! I am a true crime fanatic so that sounds like something I’d do with my husband. I am sorry you were such in a bad place before but I am so glad that you had an amazing friend to be there for you. Sometimes it’s the simplest thing, and the person you’d least expect!

  • I am so happy you had someone there by your side. There is nothing better then friends who are there by your side. Shakers looks like an awesome place to sit back and relax. Enjoy your time!

  • I am a firm believer that everything, even the bad stuff happens for a good reason. I am so sorry you had to go through all that but I am glad you are better off now!
    It looks like you had a GREAT time! All of the things you listed that you did are things I totally would go do myself!
    I would also try a cigar. Probably not the whole thing haha but I would try one especially from a cigar bar with great quality and selections!

  • I just went on a haunted tour of the French Quarter in New Orleans. I think that they are a quintessential thing to do in any city that has such a vivid history. And no thanks on spending a night in a haunted hotel room!!!

  • I like to watch and read anything about paranormal investigation. But I never been to a real investigation myself. On our last trip to San Francisco we visited the Winchester House known as one of the haunted house in the USA . Unfortunately we did’nt see any I gues because we go to the day tour.

  • I’m so sorry to hear you went through such a rough time, but it sounds like you made a good decision by ending a bad situation. I’m glad you got out for a bit of fun, even if you didn’t manage to see any ghosts. You never know, though, they could have been peering over your shoulder the whole time and you just didn’t know it! I love haunted places…during the daylight. LOL. Once the lights go off, I’m a big sissy!

  • So happy to hear that you have found someone special in your life. I’ve always thought that going on a Haunted Tour would be so much fun. The history and stories behind the buildings are always so neat to hear and experience.

  • Shakers look like a great place to hangout with friends. I don’t think we have a similar place like that here in our city, but maybe we do in our capital city. Anyway, thank you for sharing your wonder photos with us. Looks like we’ve been there because of this. ^_^

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