Lake Yellowstone Hotel

This weekend was my second time to Yellowstone National Park, but my first time staying within the park. My dad chose the Lake Yellowstone Hotel which reminded me of the secluded hotel straight out of Dirty Dancing at first glance (besides being yellow). Doesn’t give off some sort of old school feel to it? These were shot right after sunrise pretty much the sky was awake and so I was awake.

Lake Yellowstone Hotel
Lake Yellowstone Hotel

The carport and front of the hotel was facing the beautiful (and cold) Lake Yellowstone. Besides, everything is beautiful in Yellowstone.

Lake Yellowstone Hotel

17 thoughts on “YELLOWSTONE | HOTEL”

  • I’ve never been to Yellowstone. My mom and dad have and I’ve always wanted to go. My husband and I want to take the grandkids one of these days and Yellowstone Hotel looks like a beautiful place to stay.

  • Great looking hotel which stands out with being painted the color yellow. Never been to Yellowstone before. Enjoy looking at all the different photos and hope go someday.

  • I used to work in Yellowstone so I love exploring that hotel! There is so much history there you can just feel it as you walk through the lobby. It’s been a while since I’ve been back to Yellowstone I definitely need to go check it out again.

  • Haha omg it totally does look like the hotel in Dirty Dancing! Actually makes me want to watch the movie again LOL!

  • I have got to get there one day. It looks serene. It’s beautiful. It’s a place I have heard so much about that is definitely grasping my attention. I think the trip to see it in person would definitely be worth it.

  • It totally reminds of the hotel from Dirty Dancing. I won’t lie also reminds me a little of the hotel from the shinning.

  • I have never seen this hotel before. It looks so beautiful and I love that it’s quiet and peaceful. It’s perfect for a quiet weekend away from everything.

  • The Yellowstone Hotel looks so grand! I have never been to Yellowstone and I wish I could soon. The lake is so serene. Definitely a place to go when you really need some rest, relaxation and zen time.

  • Woah, that is view is breathtaking! I love finding a good hotel like this, feeling like just the hotel can count as the getaway regardless of what else you do during your stay. It seems like a nice and quiet place to recharge and relax.

  • What a beautiful looking hotel – I love that it’s yellow to match the name of the place. The view of the lake is absolutely stunning.

  • What a beautiful looking hotel from the color to the water view! Looks like a place I would love to visit. Might have to put Yellowstone on my list.

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