Fishing Bridge
The Fishing Bridge was opened in 1937 and it is where, duh, a lot of people used to fish. These fisherman practically depleted the population of fish in the river and the bridge was closed to fishing in 1973.  Today it is used as a place to watch fish, which is actually a really boring thing to do unless they’re jumping out of the water.  So, pictures of the bridge without any fish!

The Fishing Bridge
The Fishing Bridge
The Fishing Bridge
The Fishing Bridge


  • You photos are still beautiful even without any fish jumping out of the water. We would still visit here and learn the history of the bridge and just look around and take in the beautiful scenery.

  • The views from the Fishing Bridge are simply breathtaking. I don’t know what it is about water but it relaxes me so much!

  • I have been there many many times and this brings back such good memories. I love that fishing bridge it’s kind of fun to watch people fishing there and just hanging out there.

  • The fishing bridge is so pretty in these pictures. I agree that watching fish is a pretty boring activity.

  • What a pretty place! We have wanted to go to the big National Parks. I would love to see Yellowstone. This looks like a great place to visit while checking out Yellowstone Park.

  • I really want to go on a family vacation to Yellowstone. My wife and I are discussing going two summers from now when are kids turn 10. At that age I think they’ll be old enough to enjoy the trip and young enough that they don’t mind spending it with mom and dad.

  • Thats such a beautiful bridge there. I really need to make it back to Yellowstone sometime soon. Take a week or so just going out there and appreciating nature.

  • The water looks so serene. I would love to visit there and just bask in the lovely scenery. I could only imagine how beautiful the sunset would be in that place.

  • Gorgeous photo. Best place for couple shot or pre-nuptial photoshoots. This can also be a nice place for a guy to been on his knees and ask the hand of his lady.

  • Never been to Yellowstone (yet). I love nature and I just can’t get enough of all the beauty these national parks have to offer their visitors!

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