Apartment Therapy: The January Cure, A Summary

Here is my messy bedroom before starting The January Cure, but that is already a lie. My desk was under my windows and my bookshelf was under my desk. I didn’t get to take a “before” photo of my room before I eagerly started with this project.



My to-do List

  1. The bookshelf – done 1/9/13
  2. Pack items for future home – done 1/10/13
  3. Try on all clothes – done 1/19/13
  4. Sort Scrapbook items – done 1/18/13
  5. Purge Photographs – not done
  6. Sort Craft items – not done
  7. Purge shoe bin – done 1/10/12
  8. Buy Rubbermaid bins for #2 – done 1/10/13
  9. Buy table for entryway – done 1/20/13
  10. Sort Art supplies – Moved to basement, but still need work area setup
  11. Organize tax papers – Filed taxes on 1/31/13
  12. Take purged clothing to resale shop – Goodwill instead

Here is my room after all that hard work!